After Completion


An MLPI student should be able to:

  •           Identify critical errors made during unsuccessful SAR missions
  •           Understand the principles of managing and leading, Develop an operational preplan
  •           Describe how to organize a search using the Incident Command System
  •           Identify and describe effective uses of SAR resources
  •           Describe the importance of finding and documenting clues
  •           Initiate a search
  •           Develop objectives, strategies and tactics to locate a lost subject through the use of actual search mission exercises
  •           Manage on-scene basic SAR planning functions
  •           Gather lost subject information through investigating and interviewing techniques
  •           Describe the importance of and employ Lost Person Behavior factors in search planning
  •           Understand the values of and ways to deliver preventive SAR programs
  •           Establish a search area, segment the area, and assign probabilities to the segments through the use of actual search mission exercises
  •           Describe tactics used in searching for lost persons
  •           Compute probabilities of detection by resources applied to the search
  •           Compute shifts in probability of area as a result of search and investigative activity
  •           Develop and deliver tactical briefings and perform debriefings
  •           Discuss the reasons for and the methods of mission documentation
  •           Discuss the key factors in suspension of a mission or continuing limited searching
  •           Discuss the principles and techniques of demobilization
  •           Describe the functions of SAR incident facilities, location selection, and their safety considerations
  •           Understand search mission related stress and its affect on SAR resources
  •           Discuss considerations for managing external influences such as the media, family, political considerations, and other external influences
  •           Describe the many modern technologies used in SAR missions
  •           Describe post mission considerations, and the role of the agency administrator during SAR missions.

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