After Completion


Upon successful completion of the ISAR/SARTECH III course the student shall have the knowledge to:

  • Define the components of SAR operations
  • List the major responsibilities for search and rescue
  • Describe the components of ICS and their functions
  • List and differentiate between at least three types of maps used in SAR
  • Identify, define and demonstrate the use of topographical maps
  • Define the plotting methods or grid systems and demonstrate the ability to use them to determine the coordinates for a given point
  • Describe the parts of the compass and demonstrate the ability to use it
  • Describe the navigational functions used in map and compass
  • Define SAR resources
  • Define the six crucials in SAR management
  • Differentiate between the two basic categories of search tactics (Passive and Active)
  • Describe the primary types of active search tactics
  • Describe the techniques and methods used by searchers
  • List at least five of the searching or tactical skills needed by field searchers
  • Explain why SAR personnel search for clues not subjects
  • List the information needed by the searcher when alerted
  • Define the functions of the search crew positions
  • Explain why knowledge of lost person behavior can be an advantage to the searcher
  • List at least ten of the safety rules for personnel during helicopter operations
  • List at least five common radio procedures and guidelines

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