Kausay Drones and Robotics is a company whose primary aim is to facilitate the search and rescue of missing persons in remote places through the use of technology.

We want to speed up the process and thus increase the chances of finding the victim alive, while at the same time decrease the risk faced by rescue teams on the ground.


In places such as  Chile, California, or the Alps, which have mountain ranges and large stretches of forest areas, the number of tourists and locals who get lost increases every year.

Inexperienced hikers sometiomes don’t calculate the hours that the route will last, so they don’t know when they should go up or return. That happens due to lack of information and not knowing the areas. The weather can change, making these places very risky. Those who enter the protected areas without adequate clothing or without food to feed themselves during the day may suffer fatigue and not descend at the appropriate time.
In most of the natural environments that are not national parks (hills, forests), there are often no guards or warnings about the routes.

Time is of the essence in searches in remote places, given that survival time is limited primarily due to the lack of preparedness of the missing persons in this type of terrain.

Technology can make an enormous difference in the outcome of the mission

Kausay Drones and Robotics

Technology designed to support Search and Rescue missions in remote places

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