Who Should Attend


 Those interested in becoming involved or have just become involved with search and rescue operations.

  • SAR personnel who would like to maintain or refresh their knowledge of search and rescue.
  • Emergency response personnel who belong to organizations who provide resources and assistance during search and rescue missions.
  • Managers of emergency response organizations who want to understand the state of the art skills and knowledge needed by the SAR workers.
  • Community members and groups (scouts, hunters, hikers, etc.) that have an interest in safety and preventative SAR operations.


While not required, the Introduction to Search and Rescue/SARTECH III course is recommended as a prerequisite for FUNSAR.

Although highly recommended, the FUNSAR course is not required to challenge the SARTECH II certification exam.

The written exam given at the conclusion of the FUNSAR class is the written SARTECH II exam. Provided the student passes the written SARTECH II exam at the conclusion of the FUNSAR class, AND takes the SARTECH II certification exam within a year, the student is not required to retake the written exam at the time of the SARTECH II certification exam. They only are required to take and pass the six (6) SARTECH II practical stations to earn their SARTECH II certification.


 Review of SAR Management System

  •           Fitness, Basic Survival and Survival Body Management
  •           Clothing and Personal Protection Systems for SAR
  •           Emergency Survival Skills
  •           Improvising Environmental Hazards and Survival First Aid SAR Ready Pack
  •           Nomenclature of Personal Outdoor Equipment
  •           SAR Travel Skills
  •           Land Navigation and Orienteering
  •           SAR Resources
  •           Capabilities
  •           Search Philosophy
  •           Estimating POD
  •           Search Tactics and Searcher Skills
  •           Handling Evidence
  •           Review of Clue Consciousness
  •           SAR Crew Responsibilities
  •           Tracking Skills
  •           Rope and Rescue Equipment
  •           Legal Aspects for Searchers

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