Who Should Attend


The course is designed for the following types of people: Persons who have been crewmembers and/or crew leaders during search and rescue operations and are ready to advance to the management level and/or want to be able to perform on an incident management staff, Managers of emergency response organizations who have designated responsibilities from their organizations to function as the “on-scene manager” during a lost person incident, SAR Incident Commanders and key staff personnel who would like to refresh or expand their knowledge of search and rescue management practices, SAR personnel who want to learn comprehensive and detailed information about the complexities of the lost person incident and, Community leaders who have an interest in participating in a lost person incident in one of a number of capacities.


It is recommended as prerequisites for MLPI students to have taken Fundamentals of Search and Rescue and/or Advanced Search and Rescue courses (or equivalent), Introduction to Incident Command (NIMS) IS-100 and the (NIMS) IS-200 series courses (or equivalent). (NIMS) IS-300 series may also be very helpful to the MLPI student.


 Basic definitions and a summary of typical SAR management errors

  •           Managing and Leading
  •           Incident Command System for SAR Operations
  •           Operational Preplanning
  •           SAR Resources
  •           Clue Orientation
  •           Initiating the Search
  •           Planning the Search
  •           Gathering Subject Information
  •           Predicting Lost Person Behavior
  •           Establishing the Search Area
  •           Setting Priorities-Assigning Probabilities of Area (POA) to the Search
  •           Allocating SAR Resources-SAR Tactics
  •           Measuring Coverage-Tracking Probability of Detection (POD)
  •           Changing Search Priorities-Shifting POA
  •           Briefing and Debriefing
  •           Documentation
  •           Suspending Search Operations
  •           Demobilization
  •           Managing Search Base Operations and Searcher Safety
  •           Managing Searcher Stress
  •           Managing External Influences
  •           SAR Technology
  •           Post Incident Considerations
  •           The Role of the Agency Administrator

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