Who Should Attend


  • Persons who are interested in  becoming involved or have just become involved with search and rescue operations.
  • SAR personnel who would like to maintain or refresh their knowledge of search and rescue.
  • Emergency response personnel who belong to organizations who provide resources and assistance during search and rescue missions.
  • Managers of emergency response organizations who want to understand the state-of-the-art skills and knowledge needed by the SAR workers.
  • Community members and groups (scouts, hunters, hikers, etc.) that have an interest in safety and preventative SAR operations


There are no prerequisites to the ISAR/SARTECH III course.

The ISAR/SARTECH III course is not required prior to taking the SARTECH III exam on line.

While recommended, the ISAR/SARTECH III course is also not required prior to taking the Fundamentals of Search and Rescue course or the SARTECH II certification exam.


  •           SAR: What is it and how do you fit in?
  •           Components of SAR
  •           SAR Management System
  •           Land Navigation and Orienteering
  •           SAR Resources
  •           Search Philosophy and Probability Theory
  •           Search Tactics
  •           Clue Consciousness
  •           Search Operations
  •           Lost Person Behavior
  •           Helicopter Operations in SAR Communications

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